Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally changing & challenging enterprises. Massive gaps emerge between ambition and the ability to execute, between tradition and transformation. Our mission is to bridge these gaps by connecting companies, teams and individuals with the growing opportunities of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies. And then...we start to settle birds on Mars!


At BIRDS ON MARS we develop strategies, STRUCTURES, teams and applications at the connections of human and artificial intelligence (AI).


AI will change the way we build, develop & operate teams, structures and organizations. It is time to learn & unlearn. 

Our services include: 
Vision & Agenda Setting, Awareness Camps, Ideation & Scoping Workshops, Keynotes, Lectures & Executive Trainings


A new way of thinking and doing is important to create next practices, to innovate & transform, to change modes and mindsets.

Our services include:
Strategies & Roadmaps, Capability Assessment & Analysis, Lab & Factory Building, Agile Coaching, POVs, MVPs and MVLEs*


AI is a change in perspective & paradigms. We talk Data, Machine & Deep Learning, IoX, Fractal structures & Cloud platforms.

Our services include: 
Data Science & AI Engineering, System & Service design, UX/Visualization, Platform, tool and partner selection


AI is here to stay. And demands that organizations continuously
establish and live a multitude of connections between human and artificial intelligence.

Our services include:
Maturity Modeling, Community Exchange & Ambassadorship, Team Building & Development, Change & Interim Management

* Proofs of Value, Minimum Viable Products, Minimum Viable Learning Environments


We are proud and honored to work with such brilliant people, creative teams and forward-looking companies. 


Thank you very much, Steve!

„Mit beeindruckender Expertise und Erfahrungsschatz haben wir mit den Kollegen von Birds on Mars unsere Data Lake Strategie neu entwickelt und in kürzester Zeit auf die Straße gebracht. Authentisch, pragmatisch, gezielt quer und über den Tellerrand agierend - eine Beratung der nächsten Generation und für eine neue Zeit.”
— Steve Pryce, Leiter Production Development / Data Lake, DB Cargo AG


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Birds on Mars is a team of Data & AI experts, Business & IT innovators, Software & Service designers and Art enthusiasts.

Acting as a vibrant interface to scientific research, expert networks and communities we are strong believers of open exchange, continuous learning, an agile mindset and a responsible use of data & technology.

Over the last 7 years we implemented over a 100 projects and created a 360° framework dealing with the new paradigms that come with Data & AI to elevate businesses to new heights.

We call it „Data & AI Thinking“ and it is an essential part of our Birds on Mars story.




Klaas Wilhelm Bollhoefer

  • Former Chief Data Scientist & Evangelist @ *um
  • For-, side and backward thinker
  • Speaker, lecturer, strategist & craft brewer
  • Scrum master, design thinker, mediator & coach
  • Origin: Punk music

Florian Dohmann



Prof. Dr. Sabine Fischer

Silvester Macho

Roman Lipski

Manuel & MAX NYC

Thank you very much, KEREM!

“These birds will definitely make it to Mars! They inspired and taught my teams on all current data & AI topics and created an incomparable atmosphere in our innovation rooms in Frankfurt - one word: Awesome!” 
— Kerem Tomak, EPP/Divisional Board Member, Commerzbank AG


SOL, the solar day on Mars, is 40 minutes longer than on Earth. Same goes for our days at Birds on Mars. That is more than 3 hours a week we all spend on learning, creating, innovating, hacking, making & re-thinking.

One of the first projects we started is the "Artificial Enterprise Muse" (see video below). Based on and inspired by "The First Artificial Muse in the World of Art" (that Roman Lipski and YQP Berlin/NY built over the last few years) we started building an Inspirational AI. An AI that inspires, communicates, collaborates and co-evolves with humans in never seen and new kind of ways. A full team-member. A true partnership between human and artifical intelligence inside organizations. And this is just the beginning...

Klaas Wilhelm Bollhoefer (Co-Founder, Birds on Mars) talks about "Learning from the arts - an Artificial Muse for the enterprise" at hub.berlin on November 28th 2017. hub.berlin is Europe's interactive business festival for digital movers and makers. hub.berlin brings together key players of Europe's leading industries, politics and 500+ startups in a unique environment to discuss, shape and experience the digital transformation.


“Birds on Mars hilft uns maßgeblich, die People Analytics Practice im Personalbereich der Konzernzentrale der Deutschen Bahn aufzubauen. Unser Ziel ist es, mit Data Science und künstlicher Intelligenz neue Lösungen für unsere Mitarbeiter und das Unternehmen zu schaffen.”
— Stefan Heeke, Head of HR Data Science, Insights & Innovation, Deutsche Bahn AG