Human + Artificial + Organizational

We are a new generation consulting company and AI agency, highly specialized in data and artificial intelligence.

Every day we build innovative enterprise solutions that combine human creativity, machine intelligence and organizational identity.






…that Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally changing & challenging enterprises. Massive gaps emerge between ambition and the ability to execute, between tradition and transformation. Our mission is to bridge these gaps by connecting companies, teams and individuals with the growing opportunities of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies.






∸ AI foundation & AI readiness check

AI ready in 30 days with our AI foundation - What is AI today and tomorrow? What needs to be learned and unlearned? What are your individual business potentials & risks? Where are you today? What could be first steps? And how to define key success factors?

⋰ AI thinking

Our unique strategy framework - consciously old-school, but with machine learning at its core. We evaluate your capabilities based on individual business goals and a plethora of use-cases & product ideas from your industry. We deliberately focus upper - and mid-level management, instead of top-down buzzword bingo.

⩸ Executive & professional training

Learn from our experts - our well-established and contemporary course portfolio for beginners and experts alike. Without frills, close to your business, cutting-edge. Successful for years at Deutsche Bahn Academy (among others).


⋅ AI igniter

Work together with our experts on innovative solutions in a time- and location-independent hacking session. X teams, X next generation AI projects, a 10 day sprint, X*10 days of know-how and know-why for each individual.

∵ AI to touch

How about a Data & AI escape room? Tangible and perceptible AI installations, rooms or showcases that enable the seamless transfer of new knowledge and new applications into your company? We love to combine hardware + software, human touch + deep tech, maker + thinker in a variety of ways.

≒ Data & AI software development

We develop AI software. Some call it proof of concept, some proof of value, MVP or microservice - we call it software. AI is software, the software of our generation, following new paradigms & complexities. On any stack, with a 360° perspective, forward to production (and back again).


⩫ Core architectures

We believe in the power of thoughtful systems and architectures and support you to build data & AI systems, lakes and platforms. We call it a new core that needs to be designed and built, a new technical and organizational seed in IT (and everywhere else).

≔ Extended team & extended leadership

We just love our "Slack-bridges", the direct, personal communication in a team with our clients and partners. For a defined period of time we are one team, work according to new routines and values, throw ideas, expertise and absurdities at each other, shape the future.


What we are actually doing? Read about some of our latest client stories here.